Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Knitting Tragedy

Remember a couple of posts ago, when I talked about learning with knitting? Remember how I said that I was going to be more careful and crap? Well, I forgot to be careful.

I wish I had a picture to insert here, but I think Jenny has the camera. I'm knitting the Cable Vest. It is a child-size sweater vest with a cable down each side - on mine, just on the front. It has a V-neck.

That's the part I forgot. I did the body in the round, split it and knit the back. All good. I knit the front. I bound off. I admired my work. The next day, I picked it up and it didn't look right to me. I was trying to figure out how to join the front and back sides at the shoulders and I figured out what was wrong. I had a lovely boatneck cabled sweater vest. No V-neck. No neck shaping at all.

Today, I had to CUT my knitting and rip back a few inches. I can rip a project like there's no tomorrow - I've never had a real problem with frogging a half-knit sock. I've done it on several occasions. But CUTTING a project? Oh, it's like murder!

I will never again let it get that far. I will check and re-check and check thrice that I have not made any critical errors before I bind off.

1 comment:

  1. Tragedy!
    When the feelin's gone,
    and you can't go on
    It's Tragedy!

    At least you were able to go on. . .and make great progress at Java yesterday! Yay!