Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back to Blogging

I've been meaning to get back into blogging, but I keep forgetting. I have a lot to talk about right now, so it's perfect timing!

1. I recently finished my Summer Lovin Socks:

Made out of Dream In Color Smooshy in colorway Cocoa Kiss. I wore them for 3 days after I finished them - so comfy and cute!

2. I recently cast on for Kernel. This is for my mom, who claimed the skein of Destination Yarn Sock Yarn Postcard in colorway Mulled Wine when she and my sister picked it up at the trunk show for me. No picture to show yet, but I have a feeling it's going to be gorgeous.

3. I re-wrote my Cabled Wristwarmers pattern that I threw together over a year ago. I found out how to make a chart without buying fancy (expensive) design software and how to make a .pdf and all that jazz. So now, with the new version of the pattern and all that, I had to re-knit it, right?

I finished the first one already, as you can see. The yarn is amazing. It's Squoosh Merino Cashmere: Sock. Super soft and yummy. And the color is really deep and rich. (I should also note that I actually modified the pattern on this project. I'm adding in an extra repeat above the thumb gusset for more length in the finger area and I'm adding a few rows on the thumb. Just so you know.)

Future plans: I really have to finish Sophie and Niles before the baby shower on April 3rd. While the baby's gift is done (Otto), I want to have a stuffed animal for the older sister and brother so they don't feel totally left out. I really don't do well knitting under pressure.

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