Saturday, May 23, 2009


My knitting break is over. I started a vest for my ex's son's birthday at the end of June. It's the Cable Vest from Lion Brand. It's looking pretty good so far. I'm learning from my mistakes... If I notice that something isn't quite right or doesn't look good, I rip back and re-knit. Otherwise, when I make a mistake halfway through the project, I'll just frog the whole thing, telling myself it sucks anyway. So, fixing mistakes as I go and actually trying to pay attention as I go... I'm learning.

The Great Lakes Fiber Festival rocked today. I got a gorgeous skein of Creatively Dyed sock yarn and some roving. Plus, I got some Pigeonroof Studios sock yarn from a swap in the mail today. I will post pictures of my new goodies within the next couple of days!

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